Thursday, September 3, 2015

Three Ways To Make Her “Want" More

Driving home for a long day of work I decided to take the long route home. Driving through the side streets, I started to wonder about my life and where was I headed. The house with a white picket fence was always the plan I thought as I drove through the neighborhood. 
Recently I developed a relationship with a young women, we will call her “Mel.” I was head over heels for this women, she even enjoyed working out together. I felt like I was on cloud nine. We recently started to say the “L” word if you could believe it. Everything was perfect, almost too perfect.

"I feel a vibration from my left hip pocket."

 It was Mel asking if we could talk. I wasn’t worried. We don’t fight or get angry at each other, what is the worst that can happen? When I get home I couldn’t wait to get on the phone to talk to her (felt like a school kid again). The phone kept ringing and ringing, “maybe she was going to call me?” I thought out loud. Three days passed without talking to her. In the middle of the day I get a text from her; It reads “I am sorry but I just can’t do this, you seem so perfect, we don’t fight or argue, I feel like we are way too comfortable with each other.” My heart drops. What does she mean that we are way too comfortable? I text back with no reply. No reply ever again.

This is a story I hear over and over again. Man gets women, women gets scared because of complacency, Women leaves man. It’s not our fault, we didn't do anything wrong right? Time and time again, I hear the same old sob story about how the girl felt like it was moving too fast or not moving too fast. I think that is just bull. Recently I was on the other side of the spectrum. I started to date this girl. She was nice and beautiful, giving me lots of attention but that's all it was. I felt a connection but didn’t feel like I was getting what all good relationships needed.

So I developed a three step method to utilize if you feel things are becoming too comfortable.

        Become “un” needy

-     Most men become very comfortable and therefore needy. This is a big no no. You need to be seen as her equal not a groveling dog. Create space between her and you. You don’t need to see her every day, go do things for yourself.

         Create goals

      This is a piggy back off of the first step. If you are able to see her every day that means you are not a busy person. You my friend have become complacent. Start to tackle some of those goals that you set aside. Get a degree, lose weight, start a side business, whatever it is do it. It not only shows that you care for your life but helps her understand where you stand in hers. It increases your value in the relationship.


       Keep her guessing

      Now that you are out of the house and have become a busy man, she may want some time with you. This is where you can plan something special. You may want to plan a picnic at sunset or a romantic dinner (cooked by you) at home where you can cuddle and watch a romantic comedy. Try to keep the relationship different and fun.

With these three steps, you will keep her guessing and increase value for the relationship. Try to use these steps and leave a comment below to tell me what you did. Also visit my sister blog

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lose Weight Instantly!! Motivational (part 1 of 3)

Yes lose it instantly!! It can happen, to lose weight instantly and I can show you how. What you need to be is to just relax and just picture a serene look over the ocean. Do I have your attention yet? No? Well as you picture what else do you see? I would say you probably see sand and clouds correct? I can get to the point here in a moment but first let’s continue to picture your perfect day at the beach with just you.

As you look around you see the house you want or maybe have and you probably see the life you want correct? A dream or reality but most important what else do you picture could it possibly be a yacht in the distance or possibly a nice cold beer next to you. Still continue to picture this immaculate view creating a warmer day with a better breeze making it an almost perfect day.  Now that you have this mental picture in your mind look down, is the body you want the same as the house or ocean you see in front of you? That answer is up to you and totally in the confines of your own decision to create that image.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Seducing the Mind ( get any women you want) Part 1 of 3

Intriguing as you might think that the stare or being flirtatious may come to you as women being interested in you, also would probably like to know that you need to intrigue the mind. Many people that I have met that I would say are not that attractive but seem to be very interesting when you talk and converse with them. Staying engaged at the simple topics they bring up and how they keep your interests. Being socially accepted by talking and creating a social environment it also is an attraction method when it comes to the opposite sex. Being able to become social puts you on the ladder of more of a Alpha as you will and the over abundance of social essence you can control. When most people tell you that you can have a beautiful woman they really do mean it.

Now with the title and what I just said I probably have your attention and not just the attention of reading but the want of knowing knowledge. The thrust of guiding someone into greatness through impressive wording and knowing the secrets. Well I am here to tell you that there is certain ways of seducing the mind of a woman and creating an utter abundance of attraction through word. It is shown that mean are perceiver of the physical realm while women also are but they also see the emotional tie or even biological tie. Women are of course different then men and so we must understand the full attraction of women where they think differently then we do.

Capability of achieving social and economic status in a way also shows another side of seduction not told to you we are not going to talk about being rich, this is for the every day gentleman who just wants to find someone who they may be physically attracted to and just doesn’t know how to or what way in which to talk to her and get to know them better. Utilizing that amazing words that come out of your mouth is a start and you haven’t even begun to understand the power of confidence, persuasion, and motivation that one person can use to of course attract the opposite sex. We are now in the third paragraph and I still haven’t touched base on what you could do to get her to notice you.

The power of your social class has a big part to do with what women find sexy and you only know this when you see it. High school of course is a great example of the attraction law and thought process on one’s opportunity to get the girl or vice versa. The QB getting the captain of the cheerleader, band geeks having crazy sex with each other ( in my school they were that way!). In this example it shows the social status is always going to be what is expected but when you are out and about with friends lets say the bar, She does not know who you are!!!!!! Let me say that again, she does not know who you are!!!! Don’t be a dummy when that was just brought to your attention. This means that you have a fresh start to show that you are the social elite status to her encumbering eyes.

This is what you need to do and this can work not only for your love life but to build friendships or your career. You use the power to lead conversation, to take control of a group and get them interested in a story or a theory that you have and how you do that is to first feel confident in controlling the group. Then when you know what to say you say it loud enough without shouting and deep enough so everyone knows the tone of the story, draw them in. Make the conversation open ended and be social as if you are running the show. Shake hands and use lots of touch, flirtatious with the girls and buddy manly touch with the guys (high fives etc.). Now when I started using this method I instantly had a girl who was gorgeous walk up to the group and in the middle of the group tell me and of course I have repeated this story numerous times:

“ Hey I don’t normally do this but I was wondering if you could take down my phone number?”

 And this is where I developed a theory because I was the center of attention because of the joke I told. The theory has been tried and tried and will work in most cases based on the completion and energy of the group and the reason why I tell you this was not only for the attraction of social status but because of energy we give off. We as human beings give off energy and if you notice it is positive or negative but others can feel it. You know when someone is happy or sad just by being by them and so part 1 of seducing the mind is just that. You get a big crowd of happy people that you are entertaining others cant help to be attracted to it!

Of course you are wanting more and if you wait next week their will be seducing the body !